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Vegan diet – what should you know about it?

21 October 2021

The cutlet was a guarantee of strength, and the milk a promise of greatness. Up to a point though… Today we know that eating meat can do more harm than real good. More and more...

What to eat after a visit to a dentist?

18 October 2021

Tooth extraction is an invasive procedure followed by an easily digestible liquid or semi-liquid diet. Thanks to this, we minimize pain and the risk of complications, and the wound healing process is much faster. So...

How to introduce and maintain healthy eating habits?

18 October 2021

Research shows that every second European eats too little fruit or vegetables. Most, however, say that they eat healthy. Where does this belief come from? Various eating habits are instilled from childhood. If an unhealthy...

How to quit eating meat and fish? How to became a vegetarian or a vegan?

18 October 2021

Every year more and more people are considering switching to vegetarianism. Both ethical and economic considerations speak for a meat-free diet. The results of the latest scientific research suggest, however, that a properly balanced plant-based...

18 October 2021

What diet is the most effective for losing weight?

18 October 2021

The insulin-resistance diet. What can you eat with insulin resistance?

18 October 2021

What to eat when your liver is sick?

Food and ingredients

Omega-3 will be remembered for you – the effects of fatty acids on memory

4 April 2022

Omega-3 fatty acids are extremely important ingredients for health. They belong to the group of unsaturated fats, which means that the body is unable to produce them on its own and must be supplied with...


11 January 2022

Hello!   2021 has been an extremely fruitful, challenging and successful year for SUPERSONIC Food. We have set a goal to provide you with the highest quality natural meals and beverages that make a real...

The most popular and healthiest white sugar substitutes!

21 October 2021

Sugar, when consumed in excessive amounts, fairly quickly leads to tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. According to scientists, it also accelerates the aging of the body. Is it possible to opt out of it and...

How do reishi mushrooms work? Properties of reishi!

21 October 2021

Reishi (Lat. Ganoderma lucidum) is the Japanese name for fungi that belong to the Ganodermataceae family. They are also known as lingzhi, which in Chinese means “herb of spiritual power”. They have been known and used...

21 October 2021

How does ashwaganda work? Properties of ashwaganda – Indian ginseng!

21 October 2021

How does Choline work? Properties of Choline -natural help to win the battle against stress!

21 October 2021

How does Theanine work? Properties of Theanine – natural source of relaxation!


How can you relax? Natural ways to relax!

21 October 2021

Work fatigue, academic burnout, endless to-do list and shorter and shorter day is nothing more than the modern pace of life. Every day, it provides us with lots of stimuli which can also be a...

How to relax? 3 natural ways to clear your head!

21 October 2021

Hectic pace of life and lots of duties during the day mean that we are often accompanied by emotions that are difficult to control. Nervousness affects all of us, to different degrees. Such chronic occurrence...

How to relieve stress? Cope with stress in a natural way!

21 October 2021

Leading a hectic life, multitasking, high standards of efficiency at work, countless household chores or health problems – all these issues can cause stress. There is no doubt that this is a disease of our...

Adaptogens – the plant-derived power!

21 October 2021

Permanent lack of time, insomnia, neurosis and distraction are signs of our times. Our body has to deal with mental and environmental stress on a daily basis. As a result, we suffer from various diseases...

21 October 2021

How to increase efficiency? Take your efficiency to the next level!

21 October 2021

How to focus? Our top 5 tips on how you can improve your concentration!

18 October 2021

How to naturally increase testosterone levels?

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