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Diet influence on work efficiency.

13 June 2021

The ability to remember quickly as well as the ability to focus on the activities performed are goals that can be achieved by changing your everyday diet. That is why there is a growing interest...

Plant-based diet and health

25 May 2021

A vegan diet implies the elimination of animal products such as meat, fish, seafood, eggs and dairy. The menu is therefore composed of vegetables, cereals, fruit, nuts, seeds and high-quality vegetable oils. Most of these...

Where do you start with healthy eating?

20 April 2021

A good diet is one that is unprocessed, varied and full-fledged. However, perhaps no less important aspect will be that a good diet should also be possible for a longer period – preferably throughout life...

How do I eat to feel good?

20 April 2021

Mental and physical well-being is what each of us needs. While the impact of our diet on our physical health is obvious, less is said about how what we eat affects our mood. A well-composed...

20 April 2021

How to lose weight or build mass?

Food and ingredients

Comparison: SUPERSONIC Food vs Natural Mojo

22 June 2021

Companies that produce meal replacements have one goal in mind – to provide consumers with tasty, healthy, and wholesome products that are affordable for everyone, while having no negative impact on the environment. Living in...

Comparison: SUPERSONIC Food vs Protein supplements and Gainers

21 April 2021

The meal shake market is growing every year and offers a growing selection of products with different compositions, flavours and intended use. Apart from the popular gainers, there are also protein supplements and complete meal...

SUPERSONIC vs Huel and other meal replacement products. Composition analysis.

20 April 2021

Due to the rapidly developing world, the food market is also developing. Innovation is constantly emerging, and food is evolving of its kind. The result is the emergence on the market of a segment of...

Comparison: SUPERSONIC Food Powder vs Huel Black Edition

20 April 2021

SUPERSONIC and Huel are meal replacement companies that offer customers full-fledged, balanced meals in the form of powder for cocktail preparation. Despite the many similarities, these products differ in many respects: composition, nutritional value, taste...

20 April 2021


12 February 2021


12 February 2021

Comparison: SUPERSONIC Food vs YFood


Sleep – how does it affect our diet and health?

29 July 2021

“I had a beautiful dream today, a really beautiful dream”   So many songs, poems, and scientific publications have been written about sleeping that it would be reasonable to say that we know almost everything...

How to hydrate during heat?

16 June 2021

High temperatures can be exceedingly disruptive, especially in large cities. The heat is extremely tiring, and thus has a negative impact on well-being, sleep quality, and health. What to do during a heat wave? Remember...

Support your immunity with SUPERSONIC Food

20 April 2021

Strengthening immunity is aimed at preparing the body to cope with pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. The intrusion of pathogenic microbes into the body activates our immune system (immune system). Then white blood cells, also...

175 benefits for your health with SUPERSONIC Food.

20 April 2021

SUPERSONIC Food is a balanced, wholesome meal, which means that it provides your body with fats, carbohydrates and proteins in ideal proportions. In addition, it is a source of fiber and contains all 26 essential...

20 April 2021


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