2021 has been an extremely fruitful, challenging and successful year for SUPERSONIC Food. We have set a goal to provide you with the highest quality natural meals and beverages that make a real difference to your health and personal effectiveness.


We are proud to be a part of your challenges and daily routines. The past year has not been the easiest in the perception of most people in the world. Pandemics and socio-economic changes meant that we had to function in a new reality. For many of us the importance of health, diet or mindfulness has taken the form of thinking intensely about the well-being we all so desperately need.


Today, as conscious consumers, we don’t consent to poor quality food that causes more harm than benefits. Years of feeding us improperly balanced food filled with artificial compounds, as well as the cult of white sugar and salt, have resulted in a number of ailments and diseases. Can bad food kill us, and can good food support our health? Definitely yes!


In 2021 SUPERSONIC offered its customers a unique offer: the most advanced natural meals for quick preparation, natural functional isotonic and innovative coffee and cocoa. These innovations are the work of nature and science. Our nutrition and science team is constantly looking for solutions that impact our well-being. We were the first in the world to add liquid, natural esters of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids to our Food powder. The scientifically proven plant adaptogens in Performance Isotonic and Brain Coffee support long-term concentration and cognitive function or, as in the case of Calm Cacaco, they relieve stress and bring a good mood. This is how we understand our role – to enhance natural foods and beverages so that they offer maximum benefits for all of us based on scientific evidence while being easy to prepare – ensuring you maximum comfort.


We are also pleased that our work is appreciated all over the world. The end of the year brought us extremely valuable information that we are among the most important global food-tech companies in the world. Companies that combine the production of good food, technology and sustainable development. This distinction is our motivation for the next year, in which we will continuously develop our products in order to offer you the real and genuine Food of the Future that is of the greatest possible benefit to your health.


Stay with us, take care of yourselves and reach for the stars!


Chris, Tom, Mati with SUPERSONIC Team.