Sugar, when consumed in excessive amounts, fairly quickly leads to tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. According to scientists, it also accelerates the aging of the body. Is it possible to opt out of it and how? First of all, it is worth consciously choosing products without white sugar. The most famous sugar substitutes are xylitol, stevia and erythritol. Why is it worth including them in your diet?



  • Birch sugar called xylitol contains approx. 40% less calories than white sugar and almost 14 times lower glycemic index.
  • Stevia is a sugar substitute made on the basis of steviol glycosides that cannot be digested by the human body. Its glycemic index is 1 and its caloric content is 0.
  • Erythritol is a compound that occurs naturally in plants. As natural sweetener it can be used by diabetics and people with insulin resistance.
  • A healthy diet should include dishes or products that contain natural substitutes instead of white sugar.




Xylitol is extracted from the birch tree. Although it tastes like beet sugar, it contains 40% less calories (approx. 240 kcal/100g) and 14 times lower glycemic index. Thus, it is an excellent alternative to sugar for diabetics.


In addition, xylitol has an anti-aging effect and helps fight osteoporosis by increasing calcium absorption. What’s more, it supports the absorption of calcium and has a bactericidal effect, limiting the development of caries in the teeth. Nutritionists recommend that when consuming xylitol, do not exceed the dose of 3 teaspoons per day due to its potential laxative effect.


Stevia as natural sweetener is based on steviol glycosides that cannot be digested by the human body. Thus, 100 g of stevia provides 0 kcal, its glycemic index is 1, and a small teaspoon can even replace a glass of white sugar. Nevertheless, stevia surprises not only with its high level of sweetness, but also with its excellent taste, which makes it ideal for drinks and pastries.


The sugar contained in stevia – steviol has a protective effect on teeth, so you do not have to worry about caries by consuming products sweetened with this sugar substitute. In addition, stevia has numerous health-promoting properties – anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and hypoglycemic.




Erythritol is a substance that occurs naturally in fruits, flower dust, algae and lichens. Due to the zero glycemic index, it is safe for diabetics and recommended for people struggling with insulin resistance. This natural sweetener also reduces the bacterial fermentation of sugars in the mouth, thus preventing cavities. It also has an antioxidant effect, and thus protects the body against free radicals.


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Scientists have proven that our love of sweet taste is an innate trait linked to our natural survival mechanism. Nowadays, access to caloric products is extremely easy. As a result, we eat too much of them. Is there any solution to this? Instead of sweets and products containing white sugar, it is better to choose their healthy alternatives. Then it is worth reaching for wholesome and perfectly balanced SUPERSONIC meals or drinks. Thanks to the addition of healthy and natural sweeteners such as stevia, you can enjoy a healthy and filling meal that is distinguished by its excellent taste.




Natural sweeteners are an excellent alternative to white sugar, which, apart from calories, does not provide the body with nutritional value. Natural sugar substitutes are characterized by trace amounts of calories and a low glycemic index. By including natural sweeteners in your diet, you can preserve the flavor of your favorite meals or products while avoiding over-consumption of unhealthy white sugar.