Feel the power of plant-based ingredients!

At SUPERSONIC, we are passionate about science and what nature has to offer.

That's why we create for you easy-to-prepare, natural meals and drinks with plant-based ingredients for health, well-being and energy for performance.

SUPERSONIC is the first choice in the world for people who expect maximum results for well-being and personal effectiveness.


What do our products offer?

Plant-based composition

Natural products and innovative ingredients

Based on science

Everything we do is backed by research and science

Good for health and well-being

You take care of immunity and well- being

Good for personal efficiency

You perform better

Get to know our products

Energy from plant-based ingredients

Feel the true power!

Our products are a wealth of natural ingredients, adaptogens and superfoods. They have been selected to complement each other and give you energy. We draw the best from nature.

Our products are currently chosen by conscious Europeans from 15 countries, as well as by residents of other continents.

Regardless where you live, you can make the right choices concerning what you eat and drink.

Our recipients are active, open, and aware. They also strive to function in accordance with the principles of well-being.


Our team

We have a big dream - we want to fell as good as possible, taking care of our world every day.

Our mission is to provide meals and beverages that care for your health and well-being, at the same time caring for the future of the planet.

We do not agree to waste food. We create products that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.


It’s not just food.
It’s good energy!

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