L-theanine is a valuable amino acid found primarily in tea. Combined with much more popular caffeine, it produces a distinguished cognitive enhancement profile without nervousness or other side effects. Theanine should definitely be introduced to your daily diet due to its multitargeted action on the nervous system and amazing properties.



  • L-theanine is a valuable amino acid that resembles neurotransmitters as far as its structure is concerned. By affecting alpha waves in the brain, it has an influence on the work of the entire nervous system.
  • L-theanine allows you to reduce cellular oxidative stress, has relaxing and soothing properties. At the same time, it helps to maintain concentration and improves the cognitive functions of the body.
  • SUPERSONIC Brain Coffee is a combination of L-theanine and caffeine in perfect proportions. The synergistic action of these two compounds allows you to use the unlimited potential of your brain.


Theanine – mechanism of action


The structure of the L-theanine molecule resembles key neurotransmitters such as glutamate and GABA. Theanine is one of the NMDA receptor antagonists. This means that it inhibits the secretion of glutamate and even slightly reduces its level. Partial blocking of this neurotransmitter very quickly causes a relaxation effect and reduces the level of stress. Glutamate level can be raised by consuming flavour enhancing products and can cause a deficiency of the inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA. This, in turn, means difficulties falling asleep or an increased level of anxiety.


L-theanine has also been proven to increase alpha-wave activity in the brain. Thus, it affects the work of the nervous system in many different ways. It helps reduce stress, improves memory and concentration, and at the same time, promotes rest and deep relaxation.


Therefore, L-theanine should be reached by people experiencing chronic nervous tension.


Despite its highly relaxing properties, this valuable amino acid does not; however, cause drowsiness or dullness. It’s the other way round! Theanine exhibits nootropic and pro-cognitive effects. In other words, it effectively sharpens cognitive functions. On the other hand, the state of relaxation promotes the acquisition of knowledge and improves performance and effectiveness.


Why should L-theanine be included in your diet?


L-theanine is a compound that performs many important functions in the human body. At the same time, it has an extremely positive effect on our well-being and overall performance. Theanine in your daily diet is responsible for:

  • reduced level of anxiety and nervous tension,
  • improved multitasking,
  • elimination of oxidative stress of cells,
  • reduction of symptoms of low well-being,
  • limitation of night wakings,
  • assistance in falling asleep and significantly better quality of sleep.


SUPERSONIC Brain Coffee with L-theanine


L-theanine creates a perfect combination with coffee. It prolongs the effect of caffeine and at the same time reduces nervousness and allows you to stay fully focused. The combination of the pro-cognitive action of L-theanine with intense caffeine-induced stimulation is therefore an excellent support during mental work. SUPERSONIC Brain Coffee offers an energy boost in the form of delicious and easy-to-prepare coffee that stimulates to action, improves concentration and well-being and supports the work of the brain.




L-Theanine is a perfect solution for people who have white-collar job or study. It supports the remembering and learning processes. Its nootropic properties promote multitasking and productivity. When combined with caffeine, it creates the perfect conditions for the maximum use of the brain’s potential.



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