Leading a hectic life, multitasking, high standards of efficiency at work, countless household chores or health problems – all these issues can cause stress. There is no doubt that this is a disease of our time. Everyone knows it but not everyone can cope with it. How can you cope with stress?



  • Stress is the body’s response to various overwhelming situations. Its sources can be physical and social factors.
  • There are many methods of coping with stress. Apart from stress management techniques, you should introduce daily physical activity, proper amount of sleep and a well-balanced diet rich in adaptogenic plants.
  • SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao is a perfect solution for people who look for a rest after a hard day. The addition of tryptophan, adaptogens and choline serves a unique combination of natural ingredients that raises cocoa drinking to a higher level.


What is stress?


Stress is the body’s response to various overwhelming situations. Physical factors such as noise and disease, as well as social factors – unemployment, family problems, death of a beloved person can be the source of stress.


Stress must be approached individually because everybody treats it in a different way. Stress can manifest itself in many different ways. Sometimes it can even cause heart and circulatory system diseases, migraines, metabolism disorders, weight problems, hair loss, nail brittleness, gastric and duodenal ulcers and many others.


How to overcome stress?


Many people wonder how to cope with stress. There are various techniques to get your nerves under control and calm down your thoughts.


For this purpose it is definitely worth introducing regular physical activity to your life. Moving your body has an extremely positive effect not only on the physical sphere but also on your mental health as it leads to the release of endorphins. Thanks to training, you can forget about any problems at least for a while.


In case of increased stress, one of the most important things in our life is sleep which regenerates the body. On average, a human needs 7-8 hours of sleep. It must not be neglected. What’s more, it is worth going to bed and getting up at similar time. Thanks to this, the body will learn a positive habit.


However, these are not all ways to relieve stress. A proper diet that provides protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats in the right proportions is equally important. Lack of the right amount of vitamins or minerals has a negative impact on our well-being and at the same time reduces our stress resistance.


Adaptogenic plants such as Lion’s Mane or Cordyceps come to the aid of everyone who is stressed and busy. They support the body’s adaptability to unfavourable environmental conditions, as well as homeostasis maintenance.


Adaptogens have high antioxidant activity. They support the function of the immune system, as well as increase concentration and the ability to remember, improve the quality of sleep, reduce anxiety and soothe the nerves.


SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao – Your help in the fight against stress


Human body has excellent adaptive abilities. Thanks to this, it can adapt to unfavourable conditions both in the external environment and inside the body. It is possible thanks to the synergistic work of all systems of the human body. Adaptogenic plants are in favour of such cooperation and help maintain the body’s homeostasis. SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao is a combination of thousands of years of traditional folk knowledge with the latest research results in the field of psychology, various diets and medicine. In combination with tryptophan and choline, they create a drink with excellent taste that effectively helps fight against stress and at the same time provides rest and pleasant relaxation.




Nowadays, stress is almost an integral part of our lives. It is important to respond to its first symptoms as quickly as possible and learn how to cope with it. One of the methods is a healthy and properly balanced diet. A menu rich in magnesium, zinc, B vitamins and adaptogens will undoubtedly help relieve the symptoms of stress, and at the same time it will calm you down, improve your memory and cognitive functions of your brain.



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