Caloric demand calculator

Our calculator helps to take care of your health and fitness. With its help everyone can quickly and easily calculate their average caloric (energy) requirements.

This personal assistant, depending on changes and adjustments in our lifestyle, will support us in planning meals and their appropriate content. Every day we can check how many calories we will need to maintain the right weight. Our calculator is also an ally in the fight against tire, breeches and unnecessary kilograms.

Knowing your daily energy needs, you can easily generate the right calorie deficit for healthy weight loss.

How to start using our calculator?

Just enter your data such as weight, height, amount of time spent on physical activity and calculate the daily energy demand. After receiving the result, you can include one or more SUPERSONIC Food meals in your menu.

With us, it is easy to count calories – 2 SUPERSONIC Food scoops + 400 ml water = only 412 kcal. With plant milk it is about 120 kcal more. Easy, right? If you drink ½ servings (1 measure + 200 ml of water), it will be only 206 kcal, while with plant milk it will be 60 kcal more It’s easy. Try and let us know how you’re doing?

The values indicated by the calculator are only estimates. Using it will not replace a visit to a specialist.

Caloric demand calculator

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