Work fatigue, academic burnout, endless to-do list and shorter and shorter day is nothing more than the modern pace of life. Every day, it provides us with lots of stimuli which can also be a source of stress. When your organism is exhausted, it is worth allowing yourself to relax and calm down. How can you do that then?



  • Relaxation helps you remain fit and well. It helps you to cope with a variety of somatic and mental ailments caused by increasing nervous tension.
  • There are many relaxation techniques, including breathing exercises, yoga or mindfulness.
  • SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao is an innovative drink based on selected cocoa beans with added ingredients derived from nature, including adaptogens. It helps you unwind, calm down, relax, but also supports you in fighting against stress.


Why is skillful relaxation important?


The effects of emotional difficulties and daily stresses can be expressed in somatic ailments, such as menstrual disorders, headaches, lack of appetite or problems with potency or mental ailments, such as constant fatigue, difficulty falling asleep or excessive irritability. Sometimes, frustration and a complete dissatisfaction with your life may develop. Unfortunately, this is a fast track to psychological crisis which can manifest itself in insomnia, depression or anxiety attacks.


That’s why proper relaxation is so essential to maintaining good physical and mental health. By using calming techniques, you can achieve inner peace and harmony. Then, you have more opportunities to deal with day-to-day problems that cause nervous tension.


Best ways to relax


When practiced on a regular basis, relaxation techniques bring many benefits. They promote valuable rest, enhance your mood and evoke a positive attitude towards life. What’s more, they improve concentration and sometimes increase creativity. Here are the three best ways to relax.

  • breathing exercises – breathing control is a simple method of relaxation that does not require any preparation and leads to maximum oxygenation of the body. Already 10 minutes of breathing exercises a day is enough to relax properly.
  • mindfulness training – consisting in directing your attention to what you feel at a given moment through full concentration on a given activity.
  • yoga – a synergistic combination of work of your body, breath and mind. It allows you to achieve inner harmony and balance. Properly performed yoga session adds energy and restores emotional balance.


Evening relaxation with SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao


Cocoa with a truly deep, chocolate flavour, calms, relaxes, and is also perfect for evening relaxations. A hot and aromatic drink is a pleasure that supports your body and spirit, stimulates your brain and helps to work at your emotions.


However, SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao is more than merely a beverage. It’s also a calming and relaxing ritual which, thanks to adaptogens, raises the valuable properties of cocoa beans to an even higher level.


SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao is intended for people who, after an extremely intense day, seek to calm and simmer down their nervous system, and who, at the same time, love the taste of hot cocoa.




Relaxation helps to develop a positive attitude, thanks to which we gain opportunity to analyse and solve problems more effectively, as well as to distance ourselves from day-to-day difficulties. During relaxation, your body rests. Therefore, it is worth spending a few minutes during the day to delve into yourself and give your body the strength to deal with problems of everyday life.