Ashwaganda, or Withania somnifera, is classified as an adaptogenic plant. Its beneficial effect on the human body has been known and appreciated for thousands of years, especially in Ayurvedic medicine. This Indian ginseng has an extremely wide spectrum of action. How does ashwaganda work and what is worth knowing about it?



  • Ashwaganda, also known as Indian ginseng, is a plant belonging to the group of adaptogens.
  • Ashwaganda contains many valuable compounds, in particular withanolides and glycowitanolides which are responsible for its adaptogenic effect.
  • SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao with the addition of ashwaganda is a great way to put the body in a state of complete relaxation and rest.


Ashwaganda – what is this actually?


Ashwaganda, or Withania somnifera, comes from India and its popularity in this part of the world is equal to the Chinese ginseng root. In addition to southern Asia, ashwaganda also grows in the sandy soils of the Middle East and North Africa. It belongs to the nightshade family and is therefore a very distant cousin of the much more familiar pepper or tomato.


Ashwaganda was once a pillar of Ayurvedic medicine. Currently, it is included in the group of the so-called superfoods – food distinguished by an extraordinary wealth of nutrients. The root of Withania somnifera has the highest health-promoting value, with both the leaves and the fruit also finding numerous applications.

Ashwaganda – effects on health


Ashwaganda owes its unique properties to such compounds as:

  • withanolides with anti-cancer and antibacterial properties,
  • glycowitanolides responsible for the adaptogenic effect.


That is not all, however. Ashwaganda is also rich in flavonoids and alkaloids, fiber, iron, vitamin C and beta carotene, which are essential for the proper functioning of our body.


Ashwaganda is considered to be a calming and relaxing adaptogen. Its most important properties include counteracting negative effects of being exposed to permanent stress. Thanks to this, it is sometimes used as a supplement to the therapy of anxiety and depression, as well as in chronic fatigue and insomnia.


It minimizes perimenopause symptoms, strengthens sperm viability, and helps with neck and back pain syndromes. It also has anti-inflammatory effect. Powdered Withania somnifera is an excellent source of iron and an extremely powerful antioxidant. Ashwaganda can be used as an adjunct to pharmacotherapy in Alzheimer’s disease and diabetic neuropathy.


SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao with ashwaganda


Ashwaganda is an incredibly versatile plant. It can be eaten practically in any form and at any time of the day, especially just before bedtime. SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao is an innovative, relaxing cocoa created on the basis of plant ingredients and enriched with adaptogens, including ashwaganda. It perfectly unwinds, relaxes and calms down. It allows you to relax and at the same time supports your body’s natural immunity.


Next to ashwaganda, it also contains hemp protein, Reishi mushrooms and tryptophan. Thanks to the synergistic combination of nutritional cocoa, medicinal mushrooms, adaptogens and amino acid neurotransmitters, one cup of aromatic drink is enough to switch your body into the mode of rest and recovery.




Regular consumption of ashwaganda alleviates the symptoms of stress, and at the same time adds energy and vitality which makes you feel better about yourself. The natural nutrients contained in this adaptogen optimize functioning of your entire body, starting from the circulatory system, through the nervous and immune systems, and ending with the endocrine system.