The ability to work fully concentrated is a real super skill in the 21st century, according to Eric Barker, a popular business book writer. We live in an information-overload world which is full of distracting stimuli. Therefore, it is impossible not to agree that self-discipline and proper time management should be practised every day. How to focus and create conditions that will increase our level of concentration and allow us to work as efficiently as possible?



  • Without the ability to concentrate, it is difficult to talk about better memory, productivity or efficiency. Being successful in professional and personal life as well as in learning depends on the ability to focus on the tasks that are ahead of us.
  • The ability to concentrate is conditioned by many factors, including proper organization of the workplace, complete elimination of distractions, as well as all kinds of supporting factors, such as healthy meals, proper level of hydration and effective mental concentration-promoting techniques.
  • SUPERSONIC Food as a meal substitute is a perfectly balanced formula that supports the work of the brain and helps to maintain concentration at the highest level. SUPERSONIC Performance Isotonic perfectly hydrates the body.


What is concentration?


Undoubtedly, concentration is a skill that is a great ally in today’s multitasking reality. It can and it should be developed and supported. Concentration is most often necessary to perform a particular task, solve a problem or understand a difficult topic. Lacking this skill, we will not be able to complete complex projects, generate correct solutions or even acquire knowledge. It is concentration that allows us to live more creatively and productively. Without it, it is extremely difficult to develop your own intellectual potential.


How to create conditions that would support effective work and study?


Our ability to focus attention is influenced by various factors that we can most frequently control in some way. Take a look at our ways for better concentration.


1. Make a to-do-list

Making a to-do-list is a kind of introduction to the state of supreme concentration. You should make a daily ritual of it. Tick off completed tasks as soon as you complete them. This makes it easy to evaluate the scope of the work done and move on to the next topic.

2. Take care of a good mental attitude

We experience a lot of different emotions on a daily basis. You should accept those work-related emotions. Thanks to this, we gain more motivation and proper attitude. You can also try to visualize the effect of the completed work.

3. Take care of the proper work organization

One of the most popular techniques to support maximum concentration is working in specific blocks of time, each of which covers a different type of task. According to specialists, alternating and varied work is much better than performing the same task for hours.

4. Make sure your body is properly hydrated

Impairment of memory and perception as well as problems with concentration are some of the first signs of dehydration. Therefore, you should remember that the proper fluid intake is one of the key issues when we try to bring ourselves to make some mental effort.

5. Take care of a well-balanced diet and healthy ‘boosters’ at work

A balanced diet is not only the key to health but also an excellent nutrient for the brain. In order to remember new information faster, to concentrate on tasks more easily and to maintain mental alertness for longer, you need to eat properly. Therefore, your daily menu should include copper, zinc, iron and magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin D and Omega 3 acids as well as various compounds with antioxidant properties. Make sure that a healthy meal or an energy-boosting snack is always within reach.


SUPERSONIC products – pure concentration


A nutritious and properly balanced meal containing adaptogens, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3-6-9 acids is an excellent tool in developing and maintaining concentration for a long time.


SUPERSONIC Food is a filling and easily digestible meal that will facilitate the completion of any task. Thanks to the concentrated formula, it provides the body with protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, fiber, as well as a set of 26 micro- and macro elements in perfect proportions. To improve concentration, you should also try SUPERSONIC Performance Isotonic or SUPERSONIC Beauty Isotonic and take your hydration to the next level. When you are tired and overworked, isotonic drink supports the body and allows you to benefit from it even more.


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