A balanced meal with high protein content and superfoods.


  • Unique, rich and plant-based composition
  • It contains lots of superfoods – linseed, chia
  • Liquid form of healthy omega 3-6-9 acids
  • High protein content (43 g) from four sources
  • It provides 26 vitamins and minerals

How to prepare our meal?

Combine a serving with milk, plant-based drink or water, then mix thoroughly in a shaker for 30 seconds.


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A healthy and natural meal in only 30 seconds!

Why? SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is a natural meal for quick preparation. Its composition was composed based on the principles of healthy nutrition.

For whom? SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is addressed to everyone who cares about a quick, natural and healthy diet.

Due to the lack of ingredients of animal origin, SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is also suitable for vegans. At the same time, it can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance.

26 vitamins and minerals 26 vitamins and minerals
eco friendly eco friendly
high fibre high fibre
high protein high protein
lactose free lactose free
liquid omega 3–6–9 liquid omega 3–6–9
no white sugar no white sugar
vegan vegan

Natural plant-based ingredients

SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is a meal derived from nature. It contains a set of natural plant-based ingredients optimized for nutritional value.
See full list of ingredients

Pea, rice, pumpkin and hemps protein

A unique mix of high quality plant proteins, essential for the proper functioning of the body. They contribute to the growth of muscle mass and help maintain healthy bones.



A source of complex carbohydrates and fibre. When consumed regularly, it stabilises blood sugar levels and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels (thanks to the beta-glucan it contains).


Chia (chia seed)

Chia seeds contain many valuable nutrients and are rich in antioxidants, including flavonoids and quercitin, as well as magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin B1 and vitamin E.



Another superfood in our line-up. Flax seeds are very high in fibre. They are rich in valuable ingredients: magnesium, B vitamins and calcium, which support the proper functioning of the nervous system.


Acid bioesters Omega 3-6-9

They are available in liquid form, which is a worldwide innovation. They help maintain proper blood cholesterol levels and bring all the benefits of unsaturated Omega fatty acids.


Maca Root

An exotic representative of the super foods in our line-up. It contains zinc, iodine and B vitamins. It supports physical and mental performance. Helps maintain optimum stamina, wellbeing and vitality.


Black rockweed

A marine algae with health-promoting properties. It contains a whole range of nutrients that are valuable to our bodies, including magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium and vitamins A, C, B.


Yarrowia lipolytica

Innovative type of inactive and unconventional yeast with exceptional properties, certified as Novel Food. As the only product in this category we have them in our composition.

Nutritional values per 100g

See the full list of nutritional values
Vitamins, minerals and active ingredients

Expert's opinion

SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is the ultimate all-natural, quick-to-prepare meal. Brilliantly high protein content from peas, rice, pumpkin and hemp. Very high in dietary fiber including beta-glucans. Liquid bioesters of Omega 3-6-9 acids from flax and hemp. This is not found in any such product in the world. Plus it tastes great.

Jakub Mauricz
Jakub Mauricz Nutritionist and nutrition expert
Jakub Mauricz

Nature is our priority

All activities involved in the creation of SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS have been and will continue to be in harmony with nature. In the production of each batch of product, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and plan measures to compensate for any negative impact.

Less waste

We create our products by generating a minimum of waste, and using them helps reduce the need to throw away unused food.


Reduced CO2 emission

We profess sustainability, respecting people and the environment. We get the best from nature with the least possible impact on the environment.


Sustainable supply sources

Sourcing ingredients and packaging from verified locations (Polish grown, NON-GMO, cardboard packaging is FSC certified and 100% recyclable).


Safe for health

The products have been tested for the presence of pesticides, glyphosate, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and dioxins and, according to the results, will meet the required standards and are fully safe for health.

Media about us

Natural, quick to prepare and good for the body – these are the products that SUPERSONIC Food wants to conquer Europe with. The company’s basic principle is to use plant-based products with scientifically documented and undeniably positive effects on the human body.
SUPERSONIC takes food to another level, thinking of food as a form of medicine or a supplement with a preventive effect.
Epidemics of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, as well as education about proper nutrition – these are the most important factors contributing to the growing popularity of healthy diets and weight management products. A new player on the European market is the Polish SUPERSONIC.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Ingredients and their role

What is SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS?

SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is a complete, balanced meal based on natural, plant-based ingredients. It is an answer to the growing number of “food-like” products – full of dyes and preservatives, which instead of nourishing us, ruin our health, well-being and figure. Thanks to a recipe composed by scientists and nutritionists and the use of natural, plant-based ingredients, SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is tasty, filling and, most importantly, beneficial to health and well-being.

How to get started with SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS?

You can use our meal in any way that is convenient for you. You can consume it as a substitute for a full meal (e.g. breakfast) or treat it as a snack (e.g. for afternoon tea). We recommend starting with one serving a day, gradually increasing the amount if you have the need. SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is high in fiber and other valuable natural ingredients, so you need to give it some time for your body to get used to it.

How to prepare SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS? Do I need a shaker?

Preparing SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is incredibly easy and will take you less than a minute. If you want a full meal that will provide you with 402 kcal, add two scoops of powder and a sachet of SUPERSONIC Omega to 400 ml of water (plant-based beverage or milk – whatever you like best) and mix in a shaker.

If you fancy a snack providing 200 kcal, one scoop of powder and a sachet of SUPERSONIC Omega add to 200 ml of water and mix. Don’t worry if you don’t have a shaker – you can also successfully prepare a meal by mixing it with a spoon, whisk or mixer, but you will get our shaker free with your first order.

Is SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS suitable for diabetics?

Both the glycemic index (GI) value and the content of simple sugars in the meal are suitable for people with diabetes and insulin resistance. The glycemic index of SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is 50, which means that it falls within the range of low-GI products. SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS contains no sugar, hence the low content of simple sugars, which comes only from plant-based raw materials.

The WW and WBT calculations are respectively:
Carbohydrate exchangers (WW) per serving – 3
Protein-fat exchanges (WBT) per serving – 2.5

Can SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS help with weight control?

Of course, it is an excellent partner for this. This is because our meal is accurately counted – the full option is 402 kcal, so you know exactly how many calories and macronutrients you will deliver to your body. This makes it easier to control your caloric intake throughout the day.

If you want to examine your caloric needs, to gain or lose weight, we recommend our calorie calculator – there you will find more information in this regard.

Is SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS for vegans?

Yes! SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS can be consumed by vegans, as there are no animal ingredients in our product.

Water or milk? Which is better with SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS?

What you prefer. A meal with milk will be more pronounced, because milk extracts flavor, while with water it will be more neutral in taste.

We recommend plant-based drinks, but if you like traditional milk go ahead and use it. Remember that the addition of a liquid other than water will increase the caloric value of our meal – in the case of a plant-based drink it will be about 120 kcal, and milk with a fat content of 2% about 200 kcal (with a full serving of the product).

Is there anything that SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS cannot be combined with?

Due to the high content of oat flakes in the product, we do not recommend adding SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS to hot liquids. This is because oatmeal absorbs water and swells when exposed to high temperatures, which will cause the product to thicken significantly.

And besides, you can add SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS to anything you can think of – smoothies, yogurts, ice cream, cakes, bowls… Experiment and enjoy the taste!

Can SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS affect the medications I am taking?

SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS has a high fiber content of 10 grams per meal. Fiber in large amounts can reduce the absorption of drugs from the gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, we recommend taking medications before eating SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS – then everything will be absorbed well.

I am pregnant, can I consume SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS?

Our Food is a complete meal that can support the diet of pregnant women. Among other things, it contains bioesters of fatty acids and B vitamins, which provide support for the development of the baby. Pregnant women’s diet should be rich in nutrients, so SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is a good alternative to a traditional meal when we need to leave the house quickly or crave something sweet.

However, it should be remembered that pregnant women, when composing their diets, should take into account the intake of vitamin A and bioactive plant components with food, since their excess during pregnancy is detrimental to the development of the baby. Therefore, before consuming SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS, consult your doctor.

I am breastfeeding, can I consume SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS?

Before consumption, consult your doctor.

If there are no contraindications, SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS, thanks to the presence of fiber, carbohydrates derived from oats, high-quality plant proteins derived from rice, pumpkin, peas and hemp, as well as bioester fatty acids, can provide valuable support for the diet of mother and child.

Does SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS contain sugar?

SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS does not contain typical white sugar, which carries no health benefits – only empty calories and increases the risk of diabetes and metabolic diseases. The sugar content in the product comes only from plant-based raw materials.

One serving of SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS contains 30 g of carbohydrates – of which the content of simple sugars is only 3 g, i.e. 3% of our body’s daily requirement (the so-called RWS).

Is SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS GMO-free?

Definitely yes! Whatever your private view on the matter, we have decided never to use any ingredients about which there is controversy. This also applies to products derived from GMO crops. This is also the reason why we don’t use soy, because we believe that basing our diet on soy, which comes 95% from GMO crops, will not be good for us.

What does it mean that SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS has NUTRI-SCORE A?

Developed by a research team from Britain’s Oxford University, the independent European Nutri-Score system is based on a scientific method for assessing the nutritional value of products. Using 5 letters and corresponding colors, it easily conveys to consumers an overall assessment of whether a product should be chosen on a daily or occasional basis. The system is recommended by the World Health Organization WHO, the European Consumer Organization Foodwatch and the European Consumer Organization BEUC, among others. We are proud that SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS has the highest rating of A, which means that it is completely safe and suitable for our bodies and can be consumed daily.

My body is intolerant to gluten. Is SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS right for me?

Tests conducted indicated that SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS has a very low gluten content, but not enough to call it gluten-free. Therefore, we do not recommend consumption of the product by people with celiac disease.

My body is lactose intolerant. Is SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS right for me?

Definitely yes! SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is vegan, and lactose is a sugar found in milk. If you combine SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS with water, plant-based beverage or lactose-free milk, it will not contain lactose.

I'm allergic, what do I need to watch out for?

Allergenic ingredients are highlighted in the composition on the label. These include oatmeal and peanuts.

We recommend reading the composition of the product before consumption.

Can I use SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS like a sports protein supplement?

SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS contains a high amount of protein (40g per full serving), but is not a sports protein supplement.

However, thanks to its specially composed composition, SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS allows the body to recover quickly, so it will be ideal as a post-workout meal. It contains the right amount of complex carbohydrates, the best fatty acid esters, fiber and a set of micro- and macroelements.

How many sachets of SUPERSONIC Liquid Omega 3-6-9 should I use?

Just one sachet of SUPERSONIC Liquid Omega 3-6-9 fully meets the body’s needs for these essential fats for humans.

What is the recommended daily serving to consume?

Dietary supplement. Recommended daily serving for consumption – 1 serving.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the basis for the proper functioning of the body.

How to store SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS?

Store in a dry and cool place. Protect from light. After opening the package, consume the contents within 3 months. After mixing with water, drink within 3 hours, provided the meal is stored at a temperature not higher than 22 degrees. If stored in the refrigerator, consume within 24 hours.

Sediment at the bottom is a natural phenomenon. Keep out of reach of small children.

What is the shelf life?

The expiration date is printed on the product packaging.

Once opened, we recommend that the product be consumed within three months provided it is stored in a tightly sealed container.

How does SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS affect the inhibition of the aging process?

As we age, our metabolism slows down, the rate of energy metabolism slows down as well as the body’s regenerative power decreases. Many studies indicate that dietary restriction consistently extends life and delays age-related diseases. Several compounds have also been identified that may affect the aging process, one of which is α-ketoglutarate (AKG).

Yarrowia lipolytica Novel Food found in SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS is a source of α-ketoglutarate (AKG), which, in combination with ornithine, may be important in reducing the loss of muscle tissue that progresses with age.

The other active factor important in these processes is coenzyme Q10. It is one of the most important lipid antioxidants, which prevents the production of free radicals and the modification of proteins, lipids and DNA, which occurs faster and more frequently with age. After 35 to 40 years of age, the body begins to lose the ability to synthesize coenzyme Q10 from food and develops a deficiency.

Research indicates that α-ketoglutarate (AKG) and coenzyme Q10 may have an effect on slowing down the aging process, so SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS products should support the body in the fight for health, longer youth and delay the development of age-related diseases.


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How does SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS affect the body's immunity?

SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS has inactive Yarrowia lipolytica yeast, which is a source of beta-glucan – just like oatmeal. Yeast beta-glucan influences the immune system, stimulating it to work, thus increasing our immunity. In addition, it has anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

What does it mean that SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS has a high fiber content?

To be able to say that a product has a high fiber content, the amount of fiber must be a minimum of 6 g per 100 g of product, while in SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS it is as much as 10 g per 100 g of product! This means that such a product is a source of fiber and provides enough fiber to supply the body with all the benefits of its consumption. Fiber has the ability to lower levels of bad cholesterol and blood glucose after a meal, regulates digestive processes, prevents obesity and provides a feeling of satiety after a meal.

What is the beta-glucan found in SUPERSONIC Food Powder PLUS?

Beta-glucan is one of the fractions of dietary fiber. It can come from a