Nowadays, when rush is our everyday life, almost everyone dreams of having a healthy and peaceful sleep. However, when we still run out of time, we often try to meet everyday challenges at the expense of sleep. This is a very bad idea in the long run. The human brain, when deprived of a sufficient amount of rest, becomes overloaded and cannot effectively encode information coming from outside. So how do you take care of sleep hygiene?



  • Dreamrestores the human nervous system’s metabolic and neuronal balance and also supports memory.
  • Supporting healthy sleep involves introducing a few useful habits that help you to relax and unwind in the evening as well as prepare your body for rest.
  • As part of the evening relaxation, it is worth reaching for products that support the body in maintaining homeostasis and promote healthy sleep. SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao is an excellent-tasting, aromatic drink with the addition of adaptogenic plants and tryptophan, which helps to calm down and get rid of everyday stress.

Why is healthy sleep so important?


It’s not easy to rack your brain after a sleepless night. Even simple counting can be a very demanding activity. We are also very often in a bad mood in such a situation. We are much more irritable and hot-tempered, and our behaviour can be described as unpredictable and irrational.


Sleep restores metabolic and neuronal balance in the nervous system and supports memory. It transfers factual memories from short-term memory to long-term memory. Therefore, it consolidates any information acquired to enable the brain to absorb new information. Sleep improves our creativity, increases the ability to cope with problems and also has a positive effect on cognitive ability.


How to support a healthy sleep?


Few people know how much you should sleep during the day, and this is a key issue for maintaining proper sleep hygiene. According to scientific research, the optimal amount is 7-9 hours. But those numbers are not everything. In this case, quality is also what matters.


There are many different ways for our sleep to bring real rest to the body. The most important assumptions can be summarized in several points. Here they are:

  • make time for going to bed and waking up regular

Nature has equipped us with the circadian rhythm for a good reason. The human body adapts relatively poorly to changes in the sleep schedule. Contrary to popular belief, ‘sleeping off’ the week during the weekend will not cover the rest shortage. It is the other way round; however. Doing so deepens the irregularity, which in turn makes it difficult to get up on Monday morning.

  • stay in the sun for at least 30 minutes a day

Sunlight is an extremely important factor that regulates the circadian cycle. It is therefore a good idea to stay in natural light for at least 30 minutes every day. If you have troubles falling asleep, go out in the sun in the morning for at least an hour and before going to bed reduce the artificial lighting in the apartment.

  • focus on relaxation in the evening

A relaxing bath with essential oils will relax tense muscles and, as a result, will lower the body temperature after leaving the bathtub and will make you sleepy. Just as good is reading a book, breathing exercises, listening to relaxing music or drinking a delicious cup of cocoa. Thanks to that, our brain ‘slows down’ and releases melatonin, which allows you to fall asleep.

  • avoid stodgy and heavy meals as well as plenty of drink before going to bed.

If we eat too abundant and heavy to digest meals before going to bed, our body – instead of regenerating and resting, has to take care of digestion. It makes us feel tired and sleepy in the morning. Moreover, late supper can make you lose your appetite at breakfast time, which is the most important meal of the day. Do not ignore it. In turn, drinking a lot of fluids can wake us up from sleep in the middle of the night.


SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao supports a good night’s sleep


Sleep optimizing is a difficult task but it is certainly worth taking up the challenge and continuing to introduce healthy habits into your life every day. People who look for relaxation after a day full of challenges will surely like the innovative SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao drink. Creamy and wonderfully aromatic cocoa perfectly prepares your body for sleep thanks to the content of tryptophan and adaptogenic plants.




Sleep is the basis of a happy and long life. Therefore, do not neglect it. An overloaded brain is ineffective and the body is more susceptible to disease. So don’t wait any longer and introduce some healthy habits into your life today that will help you sleep better and more effectively.



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