High temperatures can be exceedingly disruptive, especially in large cities. The heat is extremely tiring, and thus has a negative impact on well-being, sleep quality, and health. What to do during a heat wave? Remember to include easily digestible foods in your diet, protect your head and skin from overexposure to the sun, and do not forget about proper, effective hydration – preferably based on isotonic drinks.



  • Feeling thirsty is an indicator of dehydration. Regular hydration allows to maintain good health, mood, and level of focus.
  • Practicing endurance sports outdoors causes faster loss of water and minerals, therefore it is crucial to hydrate properly before, during, and after training.
  • Clean water does not provide the body with adequate hydration. SUPERSONIC Beauty and Performance isotonic drinks were created for this very reason. They are a whole new level of hydration, improving the state of the whole body.


How to cope with the heat?


Drinking plenty of fluids has a positive effect on the body. This is especially important in hot weather. The high temperature outside makes regular hydration not only a matter of well-being, but also a health requirement.


Staying properly hydrated not only improves your overall health and mood, but also keeps your mind clear and focused. Few people are aware that the feeling of thirst indicates 5% dehydration. An increase by another few percent can be very dangerous to health, and even result in a visit to the hospital.


What to drink in hot weather – how to properly hydrate?


Contrary to the popular belief, water will not keep your body hydrated by itself. Isotonic drinks such as SUPERSONIC Beauty and Performance Isotonic, which contain polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanins that fight free radicals and protect cells against oxidative stress, are much better absorbed. SUPERSONIC supports the body in the synthesis of collagen and simultanously provides the skin with proper hydration and elasticity. At the same time, it significantly improves the taste of water and ensures better absorption of the daily amount of liquid.


SUPERSONIC isotonic drinks are natural drinks, composed with help of scientists and nutritionists. They quench thirst better than water, and at the same time ensure electrolyte balance in the body and have positive effect on the condition of hair and skin. As functional water substitutes, they increase the level of hydration with every sip.


Sport and adequate hydration in summer


Increased physical activity, especially during heat, means producing up to 1.5 L of sweat during one workout! In more extreme conditions, e.g. when running or cycling fast, this can increase even to 3-4 L per hour! Everything depends, of course, on the individual predispositions and physiological characteristics of a person. Lack of adequate hydration combined with exercise and long-term exposure to sunlight can, in extreme cases, lead to hyperthermia.


Moreover, as a result of the sudden loss of water from the body, weight loss is very common. During one intense training or competition, an athlete can lose up to 3 kg of body weight, which in turn has a negative impact on his overall performance. Loss of fluids and electrolytes necessary for the proper functioning can be minimized by ensuring adequate hydration before and during exercise. During longer training sessions, therefore, you should drink approx. 150-250 ml of electrolytes every 20 minutes.


Hydration plays a huge role in the proper functioning of the human body in summer, especially during physical exertion. Adequate fluid intake, although it is an individual matter, is the basis of a healthy lifestyle.



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