SUPERSONIC Brain Coffee is an innovative, functional coffee that combines the stimulating effects of Arabica coffee with the power of adaptogens – Lion’s Mane and cordyceps. These two adaptogenic mushrooms that are beneficial for health allow the body to adapt to harsh environmental conditions – stress, tension, overload. They stimulate the brain to action, improve our mood and calm us down.

  • Arabica coffee – energises, speeds up metabolism and improves our mood;
  • Lion’s mane mushroom – has a protective effect on the brain and stimulates the synthesis of new nerve connections;
  • Cordyceps – gently stimulates and supports the body’s immunity;
  • Theanine – supports relaxation and helps to relieve excessive stress;
  • Choline – improves cognitive functioning and supports nervous system performance;
  • Ginkgo biloba – assists in the proper functioning of the nervous system and improves psychological functions.


How to prepare SUPERSONIC Brain Coffee?


To prepare Brain Coffee, use water, a plant-based drink or milk. Add 2 heaped teaspoons of product to 250 ml of hot (no warmer than 80°C) or cold liquid and stir until it dissolves completely.


How do you get the best flavour you want?


Customise Brain Coffee to suit your preferences. If you prefer sweet coffee, add a healthy sweetener – xylitol, erythritol or maple syrup (you can find more suggestions here). You can use just water, a plant-based drink or milk for the recipe, or mix them in whatever proportions you like.


Our tips!

  • Do you want to drink our coffee cold?SUPERSONIC Ice Brain Coffee will taste delicious if: you pour a small amount of hot water (about 1/5 of a cup) over a measured portion of coffee and stir well. Then add a cold plant-based drink or milk (we recommend oat, coconut or almond drink). Add a few ice cubes inside and you’re ready to go! You can also use a blender to get a frappe effect.


  • Do you like your coffee with milk or a plant-based drink?Nothing could be easier! You can froth the milk (use a milk frother or a whisk) and pour it over the cup. We like our coffee with milk or a plant-based drink.


  • Do you need turbo-energy and want to improve your metabolism?You must try the one-of-a-kind SUPERSONIC Bulletproof Coffee. Just add 5 ml of SUPERSONIC Keto Omega 3-6-9 + MCT to your cup (we recommend it especially in the morning). You can mix it with a spoon or use a frother.


How often can I drink SUPERSONIC Brain Coffee?


For maximum benefits, we recommend drinking 3 servings a day – this provides the optimum amount of adaptogens. Remember about the proper hydration: drink a total of about 2 litres of fluid during the day. If you have trouble drinking so much water, reach for Performance Isotonic or Beauty Isotonic.