Tooth extraction is an invasive procedure followed by an easily digestible liquid or semi-liquid diet. Thanks to this, we minimize pain and the risk of complications, and the wound healing process is much faster. So what to eat to minimize post-treatment discomfort?



  • During the convalescence after tooth extraction, the body should be provided with the right amount of nutrients that support the healing and regeneration process.
  • It is recommended after tooth extraction liquid diet. Recipeswhich should be tried during the recovery period should mainly include cool or lukewarm dishes in the form of soups, purees, mousses and cocktails.
  • During convalescence, it is worth reaching for meals that provide the body with a balanced dose of nutrients, are easy to digest and, at the same time, quick to prepare. It’s also a good time to try SUPERSONIC Food Powder – an easy-to-prepare wholesome dish.


The importance of a diet after a tooth extraction


The diet after tooth extraction should provide the right amount of calories and the optimal amount of protein to regenerate the skin and gums, and thus support the wound healing process.


During the convalescence period, an adequate supply of vitamin C is also important. This compound is involved in the synthesis of collagen – a substance that forms, among others, periodontal fibers, dentin, gums and bones.


What to eat after a tooth extraction?


A few hours after tooth extraction, patients can usually take their first fluids. However, it must not be forgotten that the extraction wound is still very fresh and therefore prone to damage, especially if it was surgical removal of wisdom teeth. The mouth is then sore and sometimes severely swollen. Therefore, dentists recommend that for a minimum of 2-3 days, pay special attention to what and in what form we eat.


The menu after tooth extraction should be enriched gradually. The best solution in this case is easy to digest liquid and semi-liquid diet. It is worth reaching for cream soups, yoghurts, kefirs, cocktails, fruit and vegetable mousses, jellies, cool jelly, pudding and even ice cream. After extraction of a wisdom tooth, such a diet should be followed for up to a week.


After a tooth extraction, you should also drink plenty of fluids, but it is worth paying attention to some limitations in this regard. The drinks must not be hot, carbonated or acidic because they can irritate a fresh wound and hinder its healing. So it is best to satisfy your thirst with mineral water, isotonic or cool herbal tea.


SUPERSONIC Food Powder – proper preparation is the key


Tooth extraction, and even more so wisdom tooth extraction causes a significant weakening of the body. It is worth preparing for this and taking care of the supply of food in advance, which can then be easily and quickly prepared. As part of the post-extraction diet, it is worth trying SUPERSONIC products (especially SUPERSONIC Food Powder). Thick and filling Food Powder is a healthy plant cocktail, it will be a great substitute for a traditional meal for people who have undergone an invasive dental procedure.




A properly selected liquid or semi-liquid diet, containing the right proportions of protein, minerals and vitamins, is a necessary condition to avoid post-treatment complications, as well as to quickly heal the wound and fully recover. Tooth extraction however, it does not have to mean monotony on the plate several days in a row. By choosing a wholesome SUPERSONIC meal, we provide the body with a wide spectrum of nutrients in the form of a delicious cocktail with a pleasant, creamy texture.