What can SUPERSONIC Food do for you?

SUPERSONIC Food is a complete, balanced meal with ideal macronutrient ratios that provides all the vitamins and minerals you need for good health – and so much more. Because SUPERSONIC is more than just a meal – it’s your perfect everyday partner. It supports your immune system, metabolism, digestion, heart and brain. It takes care of your hair, skin and skeletal system every day when you don’t have time or inclination to prepare dinner at home but don’t want to eat fast food. It’s about supporting muscle function and fighting fatigue and tiredness every morning when you don’t feel like eating a heavy breakfast.

How to prepare SUPERSONIC Food Powder?

Making SUPERSONIC Food is incredibly easy and will take you less than a minute. All you need is powder, water/vegetable drink/milk, liquid and a shaker. And a strong hand for shaking.

Big Hunger? Prepare a full serving of SUPERSONIC Food (full meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Pour 400 ml of water or 500 ml of vegetable drink/milk into a shaker, add SUPERSONIC Liquid sachet, 2 scoops of SUPERSONIC Food and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.

A little hungry? Prepare half a serving of SUPERSONIC Food (between meals: second breakfast or snack).

Pour 200 ml water or 250 ml vegetable drink/milk into a shaker, add 1 scoop of SUPERSONIC Food and shake vigorously for 15 seconds.

  • Tip: to avoid lumps, remember to add the liquid to the shaker first and then add the powder.

How to use sachets of omega 3-6-9 acids?

Each package of SUPERSONIC Food comes with a package containing 15 sachets of liquid omega 3-6-9 fatty acids in ester form. One sachet is for one full meal of SUPERSONIC Food. Remember to add the sachet to the shaker when you prepare the meal.

What if you don’t consume a full serving of SUPERSONIC Food and instead of having 15 servings from one package you will have 30 servings? Simply add one sachet to every other meal.

What is the calorie content of SUPERSONIC FOOD?

The calories will vary depending on the serving size and the liquid used. Remember that the addition of a vegetable drink or milk increases the amount of calories you will provide to your body.

A full meal:

  • prepared with water – 412 kcal;
  • prepared with unsweetened oat drink (500 ml) – 612 kcal;
  • prepared with 2% fat cow’s milk (500 ml) – 650 kcal.


Between meal:

  • prepared on water – 200 kcal;
  • prepared on unsweetened oat drink (250 ml) – 300 kcal;
  • prepared with 2% fat cow’s milk (250 ml) – 325 kcal.


How often can I eat SUPERSONIC Food?

In fact, as often as you feel like it. Due to its high fibre content, we recommend starting with one shake a day to give your body time to get used to it. Then you can gradually increase the number of portions.

Need variety or flavor enhancement?

Do you love the taste of vanilla, but think it goes best with the delicate flavor of strawberry? Are you a fan of chocolate, but it suits you best in a very strong cocoa flavor? Craving a sweet snack but eliminating sugar? You can always make SUPERSONIC Food to your liking. Don’t be afraid to experiment, add, mix, blend – the only limit is your imagination!