How will SUPERSONIC Beauty Isotonic affect you?


SUPERSONIC Beauty Isotonic is an innovative, functional drink with a rich, nutritious composition and multidirectional action. It’s a drink you haven’t had before – it irrigates you, has a beneficial effect on your hair and skin, and at the same time has a refreshing, delicate taste that will encourage you to sip it all day long. Thanks to a carefully thought-out formula, Beauty Isotonic holistically takes care of your skin, hair and nails:

  • hyaluronic acid promotes the binding of water in the skin, thanks to which it is firm and moisturized;
  • vitamin C has an antioxidant effect, fighting free radicals that promote skin aging, and supports the synthesis of collagen, the amount of which in the skin decreases with age, which causes its sagging;
  • biotin affects the strengthening of the skin, hair and nails, which become visibly healthier and stronger;
  • silicon contained in bamboo shoot extract stimulates the secretion of collagen in the skin, strengthens nails and protects hair from excessive loss.


How to prepare SUPERSONIC Beauty Isotonic?


For the preparation of the drink, you only need water. You can prepare it in a water bottle, bidon, shaker or bottle of mineral water. Add 2 scoops of powder to 700 ml of water, stir and enjoy the taste all day long.


How often can I drink SUPERSONIC Beauty Isotonic?


For optimal effect and maintaining a suitable hydration, we recommend drinking 2 portions of the product per day, which will give about 1.5 liters of drink. Remember to consume a total of about 2 liters of fluids during the day.


If you want to find out how important water is to your body, you can read about it here.


In achieving the intended effects, regularity and regularity are very important, so remember to drink Beauty Isotonic every day.


How to get the best taste for yourself?


If you want a more intense taste, reduce the amount of water, for example, to 500 ml, and if less intense – add more water, as you like.


Need variety and variety? Try with the addition of natural fruit syrup, juice or freeze-dried fruits. You can also prepare a cocktail of frozen fruits based on water or a vegetable drink with the addition of Beauty Isotonica.


Fancy a sweeter taste? Try xylitol, coconut sugar or any other sweet additive. Or do you prefer a sour taste? Try adding lemon, lime or quince.