Due to the current situation in the world, remote work is no longer a choice for many people, and it has become a necessity due to the safety rules implemented in companies. As a result, life changed a lot overnight – we stopped going to the office every day, where dietary catering, lunch break, and talking to co-workers over coffee in the kitchen were easily available. As a result, the diet could also change, because while working at home, we have basically unlimited access to food and snacking becomes frequent, because there is no judgmental eyesight around us from our co-workers from the office. What rules should be followed while working from home so that our diet, and thus health and well-being, do not suffer?


Eat breakfast


Before starting work, it is worth spending at least 20 minutes to prepare and eat a nutritious breakfast that will give you energy for the first hours of work and prevent snacking. It is best to eat it in a different place than our workstand – if you work in the living room, eat breakfast in the kitchen. This will make it easier for you to relax and not to think about work before you even start it.


Remember to take a lunch break


Just like in the office, when you work remotely, you have to take a lunch break – during it, do not use your computer or phone, mute all notifications and focus on eating and enjoying it. Thanks to the fact that nothing will distract you, you will be able to appreciate the meal and eat your fill.


Limit temptations


There is a very simple rule – if there is something in the house, you will probably eat it. Therefore, do not buy food and snacks in advance – firstly, you will reduce food waste, and secondly, you will not stockpile products that you will be able to eat while working. If the cupboard is empty and you want something sweet, the chances of you taking a break from work and going to the store for a snack are really low.


Don’t forget to exercise


Regardless of the mode of transport you take to work, this route takes some exercise for you – even walking to your car is something you won’t do if you work from home. Therefore, remember about the daily dose of exercise – after finishing work, go for a walk or bike, also move during work – get up, do a few squats or bends. Thanks to this, you will let your eyes rest from the monitor and stimulate blood circulation, which will translate into better oxygenation of the brain, and this will improve focus and productivity.


Stay hydrated


It has been known for a long time that drinking the right amount of fluids is necessary for health and well-being. It improves the appearance of skin and hair, eliminates headaches, and speeds up metabolism. The feeling of thirst is very often taken for hunger – as a result, instead of drinking, we reach for food. If you forget to drink water, you can put a bottle or several glasses of water on your desk in the morning and determine that you drink them by a certain time. And if you do not like water – try Beauty Isotonic or Performance Isotonic.


Be regular


Once you start your day with breakfast at 8.00, and on the second day you don’t feel like eating until lunch? This disrupts your metabolism and body, and you may sometimes feel hungry – this is caused by sudden drops in blood glucose. Eating regular meals at intervals of 3-4 hours will help to stabilize this, making you less likely to crave unhealthy snacks and sweets.


Control your calories


You don’t have to be obsessive about counting every calorie – however, an approximate sticking to your calorie balance prevents excess kilograms. Check the labels of the foods you eat to find out how many calories they provide. A helpful product may be SUPERSONIC Food, which has a strictly defined caloric value and high fibre and protein content in one serving, and also satiates up to 5 hours. You can also use diet apps that enable to count calories and macronutrients.




Working from home poses challenges when it comes to eating healthy. Staying at home all the time definitely requires more self-discipline to refrain from snacking, and food that is always for the taking does not make it easier to control yourself. It is important to eat rationally – eat filling breakfasts and lunches, try to eat regularly and control the energy balance. Equally important as balanced meals is proper hydration and providing the right amount of vitamins and minerals, in which SUPERSONIC products may be helpful.