Strengthening immunity is aimed at preparing the body to cope with pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi. The intrusion of pathogenic microbes into the body activates our immune system (immune system). Then white blood cells, also called lymphocytes, enter the action, which, thanks to the antibodies they produce, neutralize pathogenic microorganisms.   Weakening of the immune system is associated with a decrease in the number of lymphocytes in the blood that are unable to control the multiplication of harmful microbes. To prevent this, it is worth learning to systematically strengthen the body’s immunity – especially in the autumn-winter period, when we are more prone to colds or flu.  

How can we take care of our own resilience? – 3 key areas

  There are many effective methods that allow to strengthen the body’s immunity. However, it is often enough to take care of the basics. It is worth remembering to maintain sleep hygiene and take care of rest. (1) Adjusting the circadian rhythm by getting up and waking up at the same hours is a good direction to do so.   In addition, it is worth listening to the needs of your own body and answering the question – how many hours of sleep a day do I need to be truly rested? Too short sleep will have negative effects on our health and well-being, as well as too long sleep. The quality of sleep is also extremely important, so the silence and the silence of the room where we sleep are key issues in this regard. During sleep, the production of white blood cells in our body increases and the body is regenerated, which of course positively affects immunity.   Proper movement and physical activity over the course of a week is another key issue in building a strong immune system. Even 20 minutes of movement every day can have a beneficial effect on our immunity, stimulating the production of lymphocytes.( 2) It is worth considering what form of physical activity is most comfortable for us and create a plan of regular workouts. In case of any diseases, you should consult a doctor to determine what effort we can afford.   The last key area to take care of in the process of building immunity is healthy eating. Putting on fruits and vegetables and food products that contain antioxidants (antioxidants) will be a huge support for our immunity. (3)  

Why promote immunity with SUPERSONIC Food?

  SUPERSONIC Food is a natural, well-balanced meal that provides all the necessary nutrients – 26 vitamins and minerals and bioactive substances. SUPERSONIC Food is a product in which we also find a high content of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber plays an important role in processes associated with digestion and thus with the body’s immunity. The intestinal microflora, which is responsible for reducing inflammation of the body, increasing resistance to stress and regeneration after intense exertion, can be positively stimulated by fiber intake.   The valuable”superfoods”present in SUPERSONIC Food have great potential to support the body’s immunity. The product contains, among other things,  yarrowia  lipolyticayeast, which are a treasure trove ofnutrients,  contain the so-called prebioticfiber, which stimulates the growth and development of thedesired intestinal microflora. Beta-yeastglucan  found in Yarrowia    Lipolytica stimulates the immune system as a natural biostimumulator. In addition, in SUPERSONIC Food we find powdered macy root, which supports the regeneration of the body and energy metabolism, being an excellent help in the process of building immunity.  


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