Everyone has their own definition of happiness. There is no one answer to be happy. Regardless of age, gender, skin colour, nationality or beliefs, the human brain, to achieve this state, needs a cocktail containing a large portion of endorphins seasoned with a pinch of other hormones.



  • Endorphinsare popular happiness hormones discovered in the 1970s. They belong to the same group of compounds as serotonin and dopamine. They show high relatedness to opioids, but unlike them, they are endogenous compounds.
  • There are many ways to stimulate the production of happiness hormones, such as laughing, relaxing, exercising regularly and even drinking cocoa.
  • Happiness can be induced in many ways. One of them are daily rituals that put us in a good mood and relax us perfectly. As part of the evening relaxation, you can reach for a cup of creamy cocoa – SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao.


What are endorphins?


Endorphins are called happiness hormones. Dopamine and serotonin also belong to this group. Endorphin was discovered quite late, in the 1970s. John Hughes and Hans Kosterlitz established that new molecules were produced in the brain and spinal cord and acted as neurotransmitters that bind to opiate receptors. Thus, they reduce the level of perceived stress and also provide a feeling of bliss, satisfaction and euphoria.


Uptil now at least 20 types of endorphins have been discovered but the most important ones for our happiness are alpha, beta and gamma-endorphins.


Numerous studies have shown that the entire group of happiness hormones has a quite high affinity with opioids, which include, for example, morphine. It is from the name of this psychoactive substance that the term ‘endorphin’ or ‘endogenous morphine’ comes from.


Happiness hormones, sometimes called molecules of emotion, are, unlike the infamous opioids, produced by the human body and are not supplied from outside.


How can you naturally stimulate happiness hormones?


There are a lot of factors that determine the production of endorphins. Happiness can be stimulated. All you need to know is the proper way how to achieve it.


The concentration of endorphins in the body depends on the type and duration of a specific stimulus, as well as on the individual predispositions of a given person. So how are molecules of emotion released to the brain? How to increase their number in our body?




It is said that the daily dose of laughter brings many benefits to our body. As simple as that. Positive emotions, and sometimes even real euphoria, is one of such benefits. Almost each kind of laughter affects the production of happiness hormones. The brain releases endorphins not only when it comes to spontaneous laughter. Sometimes just thinking about laughter can already bring you true happiness.




Relaxation can come in many forms. For some people it means an aromatic bath or unrestrained dance, for others it is a quiet meditation or an evening session with a book and a cup of your favourite drink.




Cocoa is sometimes called a natural antidepressant. It does not only taste delicious but it also provides a lot of magnesium, which is responsible, for example for improving your mood. One sip of a creamy drink is enough to stimulate the production of happiness hormones.




Physical activity has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. The human body loves when we move. In this case, it does not matter whether we train at the gym, we swim, run or just walk. A daily dose of physical activity is a great way to stimulate the production of happiness hormones.


SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao – happiness in a cup


There are many ways to keep yourself in a good mood. A cup of aromatic cocoa with the addition of choline, tryptophan and plant adaptogens, a woolen blanket and your favourite series are the perfect way to relax and promote the production of endorphins. SUPERSONIC Calm Cacao helps to calm down, and at the same time it creates a positive mood and enhances the feeling of blissful pleasure.




Our happiness is the result of many factors. It does not mean that you should do nothing and just wait what the future will hold. Just the other way round! You have to do your best to achieve it any time. How can you do it? Take advantage of our suggestions and introduce changes to your daily routine step by step. Be kind to yourself and let your body function in accordance with nature.



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