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About us

Everyone likes activity and a challenging life

We feel the best when the days pass when we are achieving ambitious goals and planning the next ones. We can’t always sit still and stop. Years of intense mobilization and a lot of work have brought us new dreams. Every one of us had a day without any food (because we forgot about it), a visit to a gas station and an unhealthy snack caught in a hurry.

In the head of each of us, independently, a dream emerged that there is a product in our lives that will allow us to quickly regain energy and at the same time will not deprive us of health (such fast-good-food).

Because each of us is more eco-friendly than we admit, we quietly dreamt of it being natural and plant-based (we are in favor of limiting meat consumption!), because we realize how important this is for each of us and the world.

Modern food

Something bad has happened to modern food

The pursuit of profit has led producers to add ingredients to food that artificially enhance taste, focusing solely on economic issues, often packing everything possible for better production efficiency. This has led to us starting to feed on food-like products, pushing aside the key question of whether this is at all beneficial to our health. We’ve got used to the fact that it’s tasty and usually cheap, but not necessarily healthy (and what the hell!).

Fortunately, nutritional awareness is growing, already ¾ of us declare that we want to eat healthily. We have understood that a proper diet is about wellbeing as well as a step towards supporting immunity.

But how to make a perfect meal at home? One that will provide us with everything we need and will not have the consequences of a shortage of important minerals? We all know that it is possible, but it can be time consuming and complicated because it requires professional knowledge.

Natural ingredients

That is why our meal was created by scientists, nutritionists and biotechnologists

Our experts, using the latest results of scientific research related to the functioning of the human body and modern, healthy nutrition, have created a unique SUPERSONIC formula based on 100% natural ingredients. This is how a group of products dedicated to active and conscious people who want to realize themselves, but taking care of their health and keeping the desired wellbeing.

We also made sure that each product of the SUPERSONIC family supports building natural immunity. This is due to the revolutionary ingredient – a strain of unconventional yeast – Yarrowia Lipolitica Novel Food. We are the only one in the world to have added to our meal the best and most absorbable Omega 3-6-9 fatty acid bioesters – so much needed in a modern diet.

This is how SUPERSONIC Food was created – a complete, balanced meal, containing an ideal proportion of nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber and 26 vitamins and minerals derived from Superfoods.


We have a great dream - we want to keep the best of our mood, live in health every day taking care of our world.

We dream that every person on the globe has unlimited access to healthy food. We are against food waste. What is important, we do not encourage anyone to give up cooking or visiting cool restaurants. In life we really value a healthy balance.

However, we want to draw attention to the importance of seemingly unimportant small everyday choices for the quality of our lives. Because we strongly believe (repeating after La Tze) that our actions become habits, habits become character and character becomes destiny…

So, will you join the #SupersonicTribe? It’s easy!

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